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Ada Bird

One of the seven famous Petyarre sisters including Kathleen and Gloria, Ada Bird is internationally acclaimed for her bold depictions of “Awelye” or women´s ceremonial body paint designs. Ada was one of the original participants in the CAAMA batik project of 1988 which became an internationally touring exhibition which was later acquired in its entirety by the Robert Holmes a Court Collection. Born circa 1935, Ada has spent much of her life living at Mulga Bore in the Utopia Homelands, Northern Territory. She has travelled the world as an artist visiting several European and Asian countries as part of group exhibitions. The Birds are a close knit family who hold Ada and her brother-in-law Lindsay Bird Mpetyane in high esteem as the elders of the family. Ada´s paintings are often representative of her bright and colourful personality; she is a gregarious woman who is always quick to smile and laugh at any given situation. Ada has recently suffered a stroke that has partially paralysed her and put a stop on her painting.

Artist's Work
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