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Josephine Bundy

Josephine is an Eastern Arrente speaker who lives in Alice Springs, she is a young woman (born in 1984) who has learned much from her grandmother, the accomplished artist Lil Petrick. Josephine's skin name is Petyarre and her country lies in the Harts Range region of Central Australia. She paints predominantly Bush Tucker Dreamings, relating in particular to the edible black and yellow berries found in the bush near Harts Range.

Her paintings are held in high regard for the unique circular motifs that she weaves into the dotwork. Josephine´s young daughter is showing an interest in painting at a very early age (she is too young even to attend school yet), which, Josephine says, makes five living generations of women artists in the family from her elderly great grandmother down to her young daughter. The dreaming stories and `signature´ painting techniques have been faithfully handed down over the years and will continue to be passed on. As a young artist Josephine is not shy of bright colours and enjoys experimenting with different colour and tonal combinations as she develops her `voice´ as an up and coming Aboriginal artist.

Artist's Work
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