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Violet Petyarre

Violet Petyarre is one of the seven famous Petyarre artists including Kathleen, Gloria and Ada and was born at Atnangkere, on the western boundary of Utopia Station, 170 miles north-east of Alice Springs circa 1945. Like the majority of her sisters, Violet was a participant in the batik project A Picture Story that established the women artists of Utopia in the late eighties. Her batik work is represented in the Holmes a Court collection. Like the other artists who took part in the project (approximately ninety women and one man) Violet has left this medium behind and now executes bold and bright works on canvas that depict the body paint designs associated with her Dreaming stories. Violet’s work has a very contemporary and textural aesthetic which sets her apart from other Anmatyerre artists from Utopia. Collections: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia The Robert Holmes a Court Collection, Perth, Australia Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia The Kelton Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

Artist's Work
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