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Featured Artists

The majority of the art on this site is produced by Anmatyerre artists from the Utopia Homelands in Central Australia including many of the older, established artists from this region. We are also proud to present works of lesser known and emerging Anmatyerre artists whom we continue to feature on this site. Utopian artists are renowned for their use of bold colours and their willingness to experiment with form and composition in the expression of their dreamings. Red Sand also deals with independent artists from other language groups to the west of Alice Springs (there are seven main languages surrounding “the Alice”) including the Pintupi and Warlpiri peoples of the Western Desert.

We will continue to feature a changing selection of artists online for your perusal, providing an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the works of a well-known artist or to explore the offerings of younger artists that you may not be familiar with. To view paintings by one of our featured artists simply click on the list at the right - or enjoy a selection of our latest featured paintings in the online Aboriginal art gallery.