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Merchandise and Souvenirs

Souvenir items available from the site include a fantastic range of hand-printed Australian made aboriginal motif t-shirts for men and Lycra cotton singlets and tops for women. These are extremely durable, heavy weight clothing items that incorporate original designs from Australian Aboriginal artists.

Music sticks or “clap sticks” are small, ornately decorated pieces of native timber that have been chosen and shaped to act as a simple percussive instrument for use in ceremonies to accompany singing and dancing. Each pair of clap sticks on this site has been collected and shaped by hand and then brightly dot painted by Anmatyerre women.

And of course, the quintessential Australian souvenir, boomerangs can be purchased online from our site. These range from small decorative hand painted ornaments to larger fully functioning returning boomerangs. Timber stands are included which will allow you to display the boomerang upright on a mantle piece.