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About This Artist


Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa is a Warlpiri artist who was born in the Central Australian `bush´ in 1959 to an Anmatyerre mother and Warlpiri father. She was schooled at Yuendumu community and later worked as a teacher´s aide back at the region of her birth near Yuelumu Community on Mount Allan cattle station. Maureen is recognised as an extremely innovative artist who is constantly experimenting with design and technique.


Selected exhibitions :

1992 `Central Australian Art´, The Art Dock, Noumea 1992 `Sand Paintings of the Central Desert´, Centre for Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs 1993 `Commitments´ Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane 1994 `Dreamings´ (with Clifford Possum), Tribal Art Gallery, Melbourne 1995 `Dreamings of the Desert´ Uluru Gallery, Ayers Rock 1997 `Desert Dreams´ Tandanya, Adelaide 1997 `Eunice Napangardi & Maureen Hudson´ Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle, USA 1997 `Women Dreaming´ Gallery 47, London 1998 `Songlines´ Boulder, Colorado USA 1999 - 2004 `Artist in residence´ Mulgara Gallery, Ayers Rock Resort 2002 `Maureen Nampijinpa´ Tineriba Gallery, Hahndorf SA 2005 `Works by Maureen Nampijinpa´ Ladner & Fell Gallery, Melbourne 2005 `Maureen Nampijinpa Hudson´ Japingka Gallery, Fremantle .